Summertime means the living is easy - but that doesn't mean you can take it easy. When the temperatures rise, the nice weather is a chance to have some serious fun. Whether it's hitting the trails on a mountain bike, skipping across the waves on a wakeboard or just finding a nice spot for some open-air exercise, summer offers countless opportunities to keep healthy and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time. This 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport has been customized for healthy, fresh-air fun. With its complement of sporting equipment, orange-and-black color scheme and full complement of cutting-edge electronics, it's ideal for the active adventurer who likes to take full advantage of the warmer months and needs a car with enough room and versatility to contain his or her whole life...but doesn't want a giant gas-guzzler that's hard to park. From the city to the suburbs, country and everything in between, the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport gets your lifestyle and is the perfect vehicle to live life to the fullest. Time to get on the road and have fun.

For some people, the onset of falling snow and below-freezing temperatures cause them to wish they could make like a bear and go dormant for a few months. But sleeping away the winter means missing out on all the fun that comes along with fresh powder. Just because the weather turns chilly doesn't mean you have to put away your toys. With the customized 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander, you'll always have a place for the gizmos, gadgets and gear that are instrumental for your favorite cold-weather activities—whether it's carving up the slopes on a snowboard, warming up with a hot, fresh cup of java, or just taking a scenic drive through your preferred winter wonderland.


There's a reason they call living healthy a "lifestyle"—it's not something you just pick up when you feel like it, it's a way of living your life as a whole. Which means your car needs to be an extension of that, and the customized 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is tailor-made for exactly that purpose. A pair of Trek mountain bikes—one for him, one for her—mounted onto the roof via a Thule bike rack mean you can always carry your human-powered set of wheels, whether you're headed to the trails the next town over or ten states away. Since safety on the trail is always important, matching Giro helmets are located in the back. Speaking of safety, the 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is an IIHS Top Safety Pick+

Or, should your daily activities take you to the beach instead of the mountains, a Hyperlite wakeboard vest and ski rope are located in a Rhino-lined waterproof compartment in the trunk—no worrying about getting the inside of your car wet or sandy. There's even a Head You Tek IG Radical Pro racquet in the rear hatch in case you're invited to an impromptu game of tennis. And the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition with Wi-Fi remote on the dash lets you record physical feats to share with friends.

If you're looking for a more traditional workout, the customized Outlander Sport has everything you need thanks to the generous 49.5 cubic feet of cargo room. The rear console has slots for a Nike jump rope and SPRI Kettlebells, while behind the tailgate sit Lululemon yoga mats, Under Armour exercise apparel, and a resistance band. The car's even wired for Wi-Fi, which means you can use the headliner-integrated iPad Mini to look up new exercise programs even when you're far from home…though that's assuming you've already burned through everything the JCORE workout USB plugged into the modified front console.

See the Outlander Sport in Action

Looking good is important to us all and the customized Outlander Sport ensures that you arrive in style. The car is a sunset-inspired shade of BASF burnt orange paint with graphite accents, neatly set off by graphite 20-inch Vossen CV3 wheels on Nitto NT420S tires. The color scheme continues inside with the interior reupholstered in black leather and gray suede with contrasting orange stretching and trim pieces decked out in burnt orange. And because an active life demands a bold soundtrack, a matching burnt orange RockFord Fosgate® subwoofer is slotted into the trunk amping up the car's impressive available Rockford Fosgate® Punch® premium sound system with up to 710 watts coming through nine speakers. There's also an available option 40GB HDD Navigation System with Music Server to store over 3,000 songs.

Building the Outlander Sport Summer Edition

Whether you're mapping the best way to get from Point A to Point B using the available HDD navigation system (all while accessing Diamond Lane Guidance™ to find the quickest route), or calling the office using the standard FUSE Hands-free Link System™, the 2013 Outlander Sport is designed to make everyday driving just a little bit easier. The standard equipped 2013 Outlander Sport offers features Bluetooth® 2.0 technology and advanced speech recognition to make FUSE Hands-free Link System™ your mobile command center. It links seamlessly with Bluetooth®-enabled phones, USB drives and most popular MP3 players, allowing you to play your entire music collection on the audio system or place a call from your address book. Simply tap a button and speak a voice command. Plus, with seating for 5, 24 city/31* highway MPG, Hill Start Assist and One-Touch Start/Stop Engine Switch, the Outlander Sport has everything you need to make driving a pleasure.

* EPA mileage estimate for ES CVT 2WD model. Actual mileage may vary.

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Snowboarding's come a long way from the days when people would strap skis together and "snow surf" down hills and mountains. Today's boards are tailor-made for maximum control and speed, and sculpted to body type and riding style. Since everyone rides a little differently, the Outlander Winter Edition comes with two different snowboards locked into its Thule roof rack—a Volcom board for him, and a K2 board for her. Matching his and hers Volcom jackets, snow pants and gloves come outfitted on an LED illuminated (perfect for morning flat flight) shelf in the trunk, along with a matching set of Oakley goggles and K2 Maysis snowboard boots—after all, the Mitsubishi Outlander is a stylish ride, and it calls for occupants who ride with style.

When the weather outside turns frightful, the customized Outlander insides prove delightful. A custom-reupholstered black leather and light gray suede interior with yellow diamond stitching amps up your in-car style. OEM all-weather floor mats mean no worries about tracking the great outdoors inside, while a Goode SuperMax ski pole grip shifter adds a tasteful little reminder of the fun that awaits upon your return to the slopes. There's even a Keurig B31 mini coffee maker complete with sugar, creamer and K-Cup holders, of course situated in the trunk for your brewing pleasure, with a center console-mounted, LED-illuminated Thermos to keep the coffee warm. Just don't let the occupant of the custom Recaro booster seat in back which, like the interior trim, has been color-matched to the exterior paint have any. Let the little one make funny faces for the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition mounted to the dash instead.

Building the Outlander Winter Edition

The custom winter-themed Outlander is guaranteed to be the envy of every other driver at the ski resort. The exterior is painted BASF Casablanca Weiss to provide an arctic ice glow paired with brushed exterior trim, 20-inch Niche Targa brushed silver wheels, Falken tires create sturdy grip in any weather and a StopTech front big brake kit. In addition to a world-class complement of safety features, the 2014 Outlander also adds an all-new trio of cutting-edge safety features. The available Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system uses an onboard camera to monitor lane position in front of the vehicle, alerting the driver if it detects the vehicle leaving its lane. The available Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system uses 77GHz radar technology to accurately judge distances between you and the vehicle ahead and the available Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM) system can help you avoid accidents and even automatically apply the brakes, if necessary.

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